Saturday, July 9, 2011

Apology and Praise

A few posts ago, I mentioned that my son and I had to go to six stores before we found a pair of suitable Sunday shoes...I realize that may have sounded like I was complaining! (Actually I was) and I must retract that to say,,, "I am thankful that in America I have the privilege to go to so many stores freely...I'm thankful for the availability of goods! I'm thankful for all the opportunities here! "

This evening at 7:30 pm it was 107 degrees F outside- our grass is the color of wheat stubble. But our oldest son and his wife were with us last night and today until lunchtime! They brought us a watermelon and it is cooling in the 'fridge right now! We had grilled hamburgers and crinkly potato fries for supper...then early this morning Ben and my husband and 2 little ones went fishing at the neighbors' pond again- they had a little more success this time! Breakfast was pancakes and little sausage links and oranges! For  lunch we had cold sandwiches and HOMEMADE ice cream and cherry pie! I did not take any pictures but here is one of Ben and Diana from last summer, taken just a week after they got married. They still look just the same! LOL In just a little over a month, they will celebrate their First Anniversary!!!

Some more things I'm thankful for!! -- good, safe water! even though we are on the rural water system and have to pay for all the usage, when I hear about how most of the world does not have access to safe drinking water, I am happy to be able to pay for ours. Watering our garden has made our bill go up considerably, and we can't afford to water the lawn, but still... I'm thankful. And AIR CONDITIONING! I thank the Lord nearly every day for our cool air! and the means to pay for it...So thankful my husband is not out of work,  and that even though he has to have an outdoors-type job, he is strong and healthy and blessed to provide for our family- - and WILLING to do so, even! So thankful that God has turned our "fortunes" around after almost 10 years of barely making it financially- even though we have a ways to go in this area, God is providing after we had to wait on Him- He did come through! It's hard to be patient, isn't it? But we are always glad when we persevere in trusting God. "After you have suffered a little..."  I praise God for the hope and LIFE in JESUS CHRIST.

Looking forward to some Cold Watermelon!!!
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  1. Lisa, seems like today is a day we were both just being "thankful" for so many things. I do try hard to not take for granted the pleasures we have in this life......such as good drinking water, and yes, even though our temperatures haven't gotten quite as high as yours, the air conditioning! Being able to take my own shower by myself.......just so many things I am especially thankful for today. :)