Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chocolate Day

According to, today is CHOCOLATE DAY !!

This is something I can celebrate!!

I have an old apron with this picture
and definition- but it is so faded 
that I found this photo of a t-shirt to use here 

1. a sweet-toothed creature with an insatiable appetite
 for all things chocolate. 
2. Any beast who habitually munches on 
chocolate candies, ice cream and cake.

I believe today that I will make some CHOCOLATE Zucchini bread to celebrate ! Here is the link to the recipe I am going to try - - and here is their picture - -

My favorite chocolate bar of all time is the Hershey Almond Bar...


  1. You'll have to share how the Chocolate Zucchini Bread turned out :)

  2. Well, Anna Marie, the recipe turned out just like Joy of Baking said it was a moist type sweet bread, but really we all decided we like normal zucchini bread the best! Somehow the chocolate did not make us happy...