Friday, July 1, 2011

Cooking With Julia (my)Child- Episode 1

Welcome to Episode 1 of Cooking With Julia (my)Child 

Our garden is producing zucchini prolifically! Julia has been asking and asking for me to teach her to cook, so today we decided to use up some of this homegrown bounty by making Zucchini/Applesauce Bread. She did not like the idea of eating zucchini as "cake", but I assured her it would be good. "It's like banana bread, only with z!" She wanted to do most everything by herself- I did have to dump the flour back into the flour bin twice because she did not fill the measuring cups correctly- whenever she makes a mistake she gets upset with herself. This type recipe requires mixing only by hand- by the time everything was incorporated she said, "My arm hurts!"

Whenever I cook and she watches, or she helps me, she always has to taste everything just because she is so curious!! She tasted the batter while I was filling the loaf pans and decided that it WAS good, after all! She called out, "I get to lick the bowl!" She ended up scraping the mixing bowl with a spatula instead of using her finger to get all the good stuff.

Stay tuned for the next fun episode of Cooking with Julia (my)Child...

On another note...
It's funny how that in different areas of Oklahoma the farming practices and weather are so different! My husband was raised on a farm, with a HUGE garden and lots of wheatfields. But here where we live now, the soil is very different from that of his family's farm. In our garden this year, we have planted red potatoes, and we have had ABSOLUTELY NO POTATO BUGS! That's a hard one to believe! But we have a bug here that he never noticed before in all his years of working in gardens, the Japanese Beetle. 

It is playing havoc with our okra plants and even is on our zucchini leaves- by the way, we DO have lots of squash bugs! And tomato hornworms...but still I can scarcely believe we have had NO POTATO BUGS!!
I guess the proper name is Colorado Potato Beetle...

Interesting markings on it...but I'm glad we haven't seen any this year! When we gardened in western Oklahoma, we had to pick them off the plants almost everyday. I used to wear rubber kitchen gloves to do this because I hated picking them up with my bare fingers! Sometimes I would smash them into a pail of water..but enough of that!

We have lots of ladybugs in our garden!

Here is the finished Zucchini/Applesauce Loaf-
a delightful delish success!!
The recipe made 2 loaves--this is my good china pattern,Royal Worcester Herbs. I found most of my pieces on sale at a store that went out of business. This is a discontinued pattern and I love it! I can still find some pieces online at ebay...

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