Thursday, July 14, 2011

More About Zucchini

Practically every day, the children ask, "What's for lunch (or supper) ?" My standard reply is, "Well, we're having zucchini and ..."   I've been trying out new and different recipes for all this garden bounty, and researching whether or not I should try freezing some of it. I happened on a tip from the REAL Julia Child at this website   So this evening I am following the directions given, and NOT COOKING ANY FOR SUPPER TODAY!!!

Julia Child

My Aunt Alma was a great cook and she followed Julia Child- I just recently listened to a book-on-tape about Julia and the background of writing her book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Quite Interesting! 

BTW- do you know how to grow a baseball bat? Just leave your zucchini alone for a couple of days, and you can pick one right in your back yard!

Here's some fun pictures of a huge zucchini I found at

Thanks for these fun pictures, Annie!

Oh yes...we fed our monster zucchini to the horse...

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