Friday, July 8, 2011

My Yard in the Country

Here are some views around our property from a July Morning!

from our front porch and flowerbed

slowly turning in the wind

from our garden spot...
see the live trap by the corn?
Some critter is trying to eat the corn and
it's not even ready! 
Whatever it is has evaded capture so far
cantaloupe flower

watermelon flower

zucchini flower

and here's the Garden Overseer,
 Watch Red Buck Oakie,
otherwise known as Brego
(he has a famous grandsire- Watch Joe Jack)

If you drop in to see us,
you'll have a WARM welcome
this swan planter is a remnant of our Ringwood days
where we used to raise Australian Black Swans-
also Trumpeters...

Havin' a HOT summer!

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