Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Long Holiday Weekend

Welcome Friends!

Here are pictures- with few words maybe- of our Fourth of July Weekend family activities!

First of all- Saturday the 2nd- I went shoe shopping with David for dress shoes- he has outgrown the Justin boots he's been wearing for Sunday/special occasions. He said he didn't want boots again for now- we had to go to 6 SIX  6 !!! stores before we could find some! JCPenney only had "vinyl" dress shoes in ONE style- I can not bring myself to buy PLASTIC shoes! While in Penney's, we enjoyed the free popcorn and lemonade they had out for customers, to celebrate 4th Of July.

Would you believe, we ended up finding what we needed at the thrift store?! A nice pair of BASS laceups for $8.00 that had practically never been worn.

When we got home for Saturday lunch, my Big Girl had come home to spend the day with us- we fixed hamburgers outside on the grill. That afternoon around 4pm we all went back to town to play Putt-Putt!  The children have been wanting to go for weeks- my husband was able to go with us. It had been over 100 degrees, but when we went in to play lots of clouds had rolled in and the temperature had fallen so that we were not roasting while we played.

( it was difficult keeping David off the playing lanes 
while we were trying to putt...)

Then that evening after a supper of hot dogs, hubby and the 3 kids went fishing at our neighbor's pond- just had to walk down their driveway which borders ours, and out back to the pasture- - - 

here they are looking for grasshoppers
for bait...

Got some!

We're ready ...

going fishing!
Our property is on the right...
walking down the neighbors' drive and
their property is on left

Julia caught a big one!

Alison told her dad,
"It's a shame I have to go so far
to get some peace and quiet."

Al with her old buddy, Brego

He wanted to go, too...

Next to Sunday- - we went to church and ate lunch in Enid at my new favorite place, Freddy's Frozen Custard. The Steakburgers are great! Monday night the FOURTH we joined most of the rest of the town at Lake Ponca to watch the fireworks over the water- it was a nice celebration, lasting about 20 minutes. The fireworks were sent up in very quick succession, not much time between really was a good production.


PS- Here's a re-do of one of the above pictures
that Alison did- great job!

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  1. Good Morning, Lisa :) Enjoyed reading your recent post about how you spent the 4th week-end. Sounds like it was a full, joyful time:) Also, your Julie is quite the fisher-girl! Wish I could catch a fish like that :)