Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Celebrating Me

Today has been my birthday!

Backing up a little, I was in Louisiana with Julia over the weekend, and Sunday afternoon I went out to eat- to celebrate my birthday- with my brother, his wife, and their two youngest sons at Red Lobster!
 My favorite meal here is Shrimp Scampi, and don't you just love their trademark garlic biscuits?!

Here we are around the table...
my brother Jonathan...

my sister-in-law Cindy and my daughter Julia...

my nephew Colin...

and my nephew Regan with me!

Today, on the really and truly birthday, I had a headache most of the day, so my husband called at lunchtime and asked what I wanted him to bring home for us to eat- I chose Taco Bell! I like their crunchy tacos...

Finally by suppertime I was feeling practically normal so we all got to really go out to eat. We went to a nice Italian restaurant named Zino's- they have wonderful bread and just wonderful Italian food. When we drove up- this is located downtown on one of the brick-paved streets- I thought at first they were closed, because all the cars were parked on a side street. But happily the restaurant was open with just a few patrons, which helps for a quiet meal, which I enjoy! They play big band music, or easy jazz sometimes- it's a relaxing atmosphere. And I got a free treat since it was my birthday!
This was called "cannoli"
It's a crunchy pastry roll filled with
some sort of sweetened creamy cheese and chocolate bits.
The lettering on the plate is
raspberry syrup.

If you're ever in Ponca City,
 be sure to experience this fine dining establishment!

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  1. Yeah! So glad you had a lovely birthday! Your Italian restaurant sounds delightful! I shall have to drop in for a taste some day...