Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Not To Do On A Hot Summer Day

In July, in the hottest time of the year, in the hottest part of the day - - - DO NOT TRY TO POUR CONCRETE!

We tried...

Actually, my husband ordered the concrete early in the morning, but things happened to delay the job. We should have been finished around 10 am but were still at it after 1 pm! So miserably hot, we were keeping the water hose on ourselves, not just on the concrete, to keep it from drying out too soon. At one point, hubby thought he'd be going down in a heat stroke...but thankfully none of us did. This is one thing we'll never do again- at least that's what he said!!!

At lunchtime we had to stop and take a break even though you should not stop when in the middle of a job- he sat under the umbrella with Julia- see how beet red her face is! We all got very sunburned- hubby had his hat on the whole time, but the kids waited a little too long to begin wearing theirs.

hamburgers from Burger King
I had no energy to go inside and cook

So take it from us- and don't try it unless you can control the outcome better than we did. But isn't that the way things happen? If something can go wrong, it probably will!  ( I didn't get any pictures of David with his red face...) Actually, don't try to pour concrete with only your wife and 2 little children to help you! Hahaha


  1. Oh Lisa...what a task for a hot summer day! Like you, our summer here in Louisiana has been even hotter (and drier)than normal. Generally, we have a handful of days which exceed one hundred degrees, but this summer, days over this mark have been the rule, rather than the exception.

    Our summer has been quite hectic here, with my husband's health issues, so it's been awhile since I've touched base with you. I'm glad you've kept your blog going, I too, love good books, and find writing to be theraputic.

    Just wanted to stop in, and say hello. If you all plan to come to Gloria & Edgar's Anniversary party this weekend, perhaps I'll see you there. Until then, try to stay in the shade! : )

    Deb (Price) Bradford

  2. Thanks, Deb! Yes, I plan to be there for the Anniversary! Look forward to seeing you!