Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Birthday Girl

Today was Julia's 11th birthday!

She got to go fishing this evening with her daddy and little brother- they caught a nice batch, or 'mess'- in fact we just got in from cleaning them.(11:15pm)

I asked her what she wanted for supper- she chose pizza and Dr Pepper! I also had salad- I can hardly eat pizza without it- and made some Chocolate Lava Cookies for dessert, served with ice cream.

Julia with her pizza, pop, and Lava cookie!
a candle in the ice cream
and some presents on the side...

fixing to blow out that candle!

can you see the smoke from the blown-out candle?

Happy Birthday to our little Julia-Joy!

P.S. Here's some more fun stuff! Julia's cousin Tamara had her 12th birthday 3 days before Julia- they got to be together on that Saturday, and celebrated with Koolaid Pies! Here are some pix of them from out at the Kelly family farm on Labor Day weekend. (I didn't get to go-my Big Girl took these pictures)

T.T.F.N. !
(Ta Ta For Now)

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