Friday, September 9, 2011

Meat Markets-Nice Folks

We just had our PIG processed locally- we took it in "on the hoof" to Osage Country Meat Market and now have everything in nice packages in our freezer. The folks at Osage gave us a discount, I think because we were trying their sausage seasoning for the first time. It's a good blend and we are looking forward to enjoying the regular pork chop cuts this winter, too! We are fans of "fresh side" also- David had never had it before and he's been asking for it for breakfast every day since! So no cured bacon, just fresh side. We had them do two hams for us and took the other two to Head Country, along with the ribs, to see how THEIR smoked hams tasted. Ponca City is the homeplace of Head Country Barbeque which is touted as the best sauce around. We haven't tried the sauce from Osage Country yet...
The folks at Head Country gave us a great deal, too- NO CHARGE! When my husband picked up the hams and ribs today, they told him 'no charge' and he said ' I didn't pay for it in advance' the manager and he said, "NO CHARGE". Isn't that great?! Got the hams smoked AND sliced- no bones to deal with! And the famous seasoning on the ribs- How's that for some NICE people!

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