Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oopsie Daisy

Back at the Farm on Labor Day weekend, everyone went to "the canyons' for a picnic. As the name implies, you have to hike a little ways down into this place...My husband's mother had been sick for a few weeks previous and was just getting back on her feet again. She didn't want to miss out on the picnic so she went, but of course climbing out of a canyon is harder than going into one! A grandson and son-in-law rigged up a sort of coolie-chair to tote her back out. One of the rods twisted in transit, and Mom had a Fall! Luckily no one, especially her, was  hurt. She was a good sport and kept a smile the whole time- even a laugh! Here is a photo sequence...

Here's David kicking up sand...

1 comment:

  1. Glad she didn't get hurt and glad you captured the event with pictures!
    Love the flowers you have up.