Friday, September 30, 2011

Pleasant Company

This evening, we were blessed with a wonderful visit from our pastor and his wife, Leslie and Sylvia Busbee. This is the first time they've seen our home since we've been here for a little over a year now. Also, my mother is staying with us , and may end up living here permanently. Brother Leslie and Sister Sylvia have been our friends "time out of mind" and they came especially to pay her a visit. You know, I really feel sorry for my church friends who have not been privileged to be under their pastorate! For most of our married life, they have ministered to us in the Enid, Ok congregation- they have been such a blessing to our children, both sets! We had 2 children and then waited 9 years before we had two more, and Brother Leslie especially loves to work with children. And children everywhere respond to him! Before they went home, we all gathered in our family room and Bro.Leslie played the piano and sang, and all sang too, except me! I wanted to capture it on camera, and I just enjoyed listening to everyone else.


Julia insisted on making a face in every picture!
(that's my mother's walker )

Mother really did good tonight...
if I didn't know any better, I would've thought
she was perfectly well (she's singing here)

Sister Sylvia was letting our dog Pepy
give her a kiss

It really made me feel good to see and hear
David singing loudly when Brother Leslie
played "Onward Christian Soldiers"

here's a fuller shot- David is lying on top
of a toy chest that his Grandpa made around 20 years ago
for our first son, Benjamin
(you can see the clutter in the background-
that's my worktable piled high with mending to do!)

Julia wasn't mad, just...picture-shy?
(My husband is leaning on the loveseat)

Here, Brother Leslie is reading a little story especially for the children
that happened 125 years ago-
an intriguing "tract" about an angel visiting 
several children while their parents
were away from home

Whenever they visit, we always have prayer together and he always asks God to bless us all. We sent them on their way with 2 cantaloupe from our garden( and some green tomatoes! ) 

Praise to God for these times of PLEASANT COMPANY


  1. They are wonderful and a blessing to all their congregation. I had the privilege of being with them when I went to the Farm a few weeks ago. Sis Sylvia fixed a wonderful meal and we had a very pleasant visit.

  2. They certainly hold a special place in our hearts. I remember their visiting us when we were living in Natchitoches before we had any children. Sorry we missed your lovely evening. We'd love to visit your home someday.

    I've been hearing from others that Genny may be making the move to your home permanently. You know we'll miss her terribly, but we have a feeling this may the right decision for her good.