Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Luxury of A Walk

Here is a little Christian devotional from my treasured book, Devotions for Women At Home by Martha Meister Kiely, published in 1959. You will be able to tell from the content (and from the publishing date!) that this was written quite a while ago, but the message/content is still very applicable for today! I enjoyed it and wanted to share!

The Luxury of a Walk
"And when it was day He departed and went into a lonely place." Luke 4:42

Today I permitted myself the luxury of a long walk home from downtown. I usually develop such a case of baby-sitter jitters that I hop on the first bus and am at my door in a jiffy. But today I demonstrated my extragavance by sauntering home in the glistening snow.

As I kicked the white puffs ahead of me, I reveled in the sheer pleasure of health and a pain-free existence. One by one I snared the little worries that were scattered about my brain and aired them in the frosty breeze. Most of them blew away, and then there was room for the remembrance of blessings. God was closer than the snowflakes that melted on my face and more real than the people I passed on the sidewalk.

When I have thought of Jesus at prayer, I have pictured him withdrawn to a lonely place- the desert, a high mountain, the wilderness- and kneeling there in prayer. This afternoon it occurred to me that He must also have enjoyed long walks involved in those communing experiences and that He doubtless talked with His Father all along the way.

Today treat yourself to a walk.

"My Lord, to walk with Thee is such pure pleasure! As I plan my day, I will remember that 'getting there is half the fun,' and I will use my walking moments for fellowship with Thee. Amen"

I have posted about walking and talking with God before- - really it's something that I cannot help but do when I go out for a walk. Remember the song "My God And I" ? Here's a few of the lyrics:
My God and I walk through the fields together
We walk and talk as good friends should and do
We clasp our hands, our voices ring with laughter
My God and I walk through the meadow's dew.

I know, you don't always think of laughter when you are talking with God...but this expresses the relationship we have with our Heavenly Father- one of sharing everything, good and bad! Not all burdens and troubles, but happiness and joys too.

May YOU walk with God today...

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