Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Pumpkin Post

We've got a lot of mileage out of the huge pumpkin that David was carving on the other day...
David's artwork

It was so big that Julia got to carve another face on the OTHER side!
Julia's artwork

This past Sunday we had our special 4th Sunday get-together at church, with 'dinner on the grounds' and an afternoon service, and no evening service. I made a casserole out of some of this big pumpkin, using a sweet potato casserole recipe that had brown sugar in it, and not using very much of the typical pumpkin-type seasoning.(I don't like a spicy pumpkin pie-  I like my pumpkin pies to be pretty mild)  I also froze a lot of the cooked pumpkin to use this winter for recipes like pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, pie, what-have-you. Julia helped me cut up and peel and get the seeds out of this monster- she doesn't complain about helping me in the kitchen. We saved the seeds. A friend had told my husband that she "fries" her pumpkin seeds in olive oil...I decided to do mine in butter. I had dried them a little in the oven before putting them in the skillet. When they were getting done, they began to POP like firecrackers!!! Out of the pan, across the counter...I quickly removed them from the hot butter and salted them, and when they were just a little cool I got to taste them! They make a nice snack, but every now and then one will be bitter.

For our supper dessert, tonight we had pumpkin bread, made with pecans and raisins. Does everyone really realize the tremendous amount of time it takes to shell and pick out pecans?!! I have several brown grocery bags in my deepfreeze that need to be 'processed'...today I cut up probably 3 cups ENTIRELY BY HAND. I can never find a nut chopper that does anything but make a coarse flour out of the pecan meats hahaha.
(this photo is from

The recipe I used makes 2 loaves- - - and we practically ate one whole loaf tonight! David said, "I can't look at (the other loaf left), because then I'll want to sneak back and eat it when Mom says I can't!"

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  1. Yum! Everything sounds so good, especially the pumpkin pecan raisin bread! Cooking pumpkin seeds reminds me of a really tasty pepita pesto quesadilla recipe I have. Now I will have to find it!