Thursday, November 17, 2011

Basic Training Graduation

Back in October, my Big Girl and I went to San Antonio, TX for the graduation of a good friend from Air Force Basic Training.
Kody is the paleface out in front!

Here's the proud family and friends,
waiting for the Airmen's Run to start on Thursday morning

And there's the man of the hour,
in the very back, the tallest one of all!

a little later, in the stands...
waiting for the Presentation Ceremony to begin
we had an early continental breakfast at the motel, and I got really hungry before lunchtime rolled around. I got a pretzel with cheese sauce for "second breakfast" but it was SO SALTY...this picture is me with my daughter, and one of Kody's best friends, Josh- acting himself I guess HaHA...

At last! Here they come!
(Kody's in the rear, tallest one)

Kody was dorm leader of his flight
We were all proud of his fulfillment of this 
responsible position!

with Little Sister and Mom
Look how tight she is holding to his hand!
She would hardly let go of her big brother all the day long! You can tell they must really be close...after the Presentation of the Airman's coin, all the visitors got to go onto the field to congratulate the new Airmen/women- mom, dad, and little sister were all teary-eyed at seeing their loved one again after 8 weeks...

the coveted prize-
proof of surviving basic training!

After Thursday's ceremonies in the morning, the Airmen were free to travel around only on Base , with their family/friends. We decided to go to the bowling alley for lunch and to pass the afternoon. 
I have never bowled before in my entire life! I was content to watch everyone else...this provided an outlet for pent-up energy, and also for space to talk...Kody had lots to tell us all, as you can imagine!

"Here's how you stand at attention, Dad!"

Me with the Man Of The Hour

Friday morning we were up very early to go to the Graduation Field...and for all the early arriving, we could hardly find seats all together! Had to crawl up over people way up in the was a beautiful day-a little cloudy, not too hot or windy...perfect weather for an outdoor ceremony.
Proud Mom making sure to get some good shots!

In review past the stands...
this is my favorite memory, with all the flags in the background
And the Tall One stands out again!

Aren't telephoto lenses nice?

Immediately after the graduation, all the families in attendance were invited to tour the barracks with their Airman. Kody's mom was especially interested in seeing this. Some families arrived too late and were not given permission to enter- she was so happy she had not missed out! Kody had been in charge of his flight and told us all about the regulations etc that they had to live up to.
Line those boots up!!

Garments in the locker must be precisely separated...

Sign on the wall of one of the "classrooms"

Celebration lunch at Olive Garden
one of Kody's favorite restaurants.
An obliging waitress took this picture of our table.
Center of attention!

We wish you all the best, Kody!

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