Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday- Date Night!

What a treat! Went for a drive WAAAAYYYY out in the country to find a fabulous place to eat!

My husband had heard of this place in Burlington, OK that had "the best steak in the country" and wanted to surprise me- he told me to be ready to go out on a date Friday night, but did not tell me where we were going. It took us about an hour and a half to do the drive- but it was worth it! It's called The Vintage House, and it's an old house that has been fixed up on the inside to look Victorian- there are only 4 rooms to dine in and you must make reservations well in advance. I took my new camera, so some of the shots are not the greatest because I haven't got it all figured out yet, but they will give you an idea of what to expect from this little restaurant. FYI- I think the population of the whole town is less than 200 !
The Vintage House restaurant
Burlington, Oklahoma
I know you can't tell much from this photo,
but there is a HUGE old tree out front,
and these are old-time streetlights at the walkway

This is closer to the actual level of light that we experienced-
I just adjusted the other photos so you could see more details!

Cheesy potato soup topped with
bacon and snipped chives

...and here's the happy diners!
We'll give this restaurant as many stars as are possible! All the food was superb and the steaks luscious, but that means it wasn't cheap! This was probably the most expensive meal we've ever had in all our 27 years of marriage, including our honeymoon...but it does make for a romantic, special evening.

I found a video that features The Vintage House.You'll enjoy the little tour captured by the interviewer. It's in the post right below this one! You'll have to click on the link- do take the time! The name of the post is video.

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  1. It's so sweet/awesome that you guys go out for date night!! It sounds like you all had a good time! :D