Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Taste Sensation

Just this week I went in to our local small-town bookstore that has a coffee/tea bar, and picked up some new flavors of tea and hot cocoa to try! The tea I picked out was Cranberry Blood Orange, by The Republic of Tea.
I really, REALLY like this! I did not add any sugar before I tasted it, and to my great surprise and delight I found that it did not NEED any sugar added! Woohoo! This will definitely be in my "tea caddy" now!

I also found a gift box of Bellagio Gourmet Hot Cocoa mixes and decided to buy it to try the 3 flavors (there's 2 of each flavor, making 6 packets of cocoa). The ladies in my husband's family usually try to do a tea party at Christmas, and I thought these cocoa flavors would be something to introduce to everyone then, IF I liked them! 
That first evening, after I had bought my goodies, I tried the Holiday Spice cocoa- - it is a pretty strong spice-y flavor, but it is nice for a holiday treat. I wouldn't want it very often though- just for "the season".
Tonight after supper I opened one packet of White Chocolate cocoa- - it is a nice, creamy chocolate-y taste! Definitely one chocolate lovers will enjoy!
So, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we plan to go to The Farm, and there will only be about 4 of us ladies there this holiday, and I am down to 4 packages of cocoa! I know I said I was thinking of trying these out for Christmas, but since there will be so few of us tomorrow, I'm going to take what's left of my Collection and maybe we can have a Hot Cocoa Party! I haven't tried the Peppermint Truffle cocoa yet, so that will have to be the one I have on Thanksgiving! (even though this is decidedly a Christmas flavor)
Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good time with your loved ones! "Be thankful unto HIM, and bless HIS name" My friends, I am truly, TRULY thankful...

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