Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday Playtime

My husband rarely gets a day off, I mean one where he does not have to check at least ONE well, even on Sunday! We usually have to leave early for church because he has to send in a report every day at 9am, and occasionally we have to go by one well on the way home from church also...we drive 70 miles one way to go to church, so this can make for a very long day. One Sunday recently when we had to drive by a well on our return trip in the afternoon, he dropped me and the children off at a little smalltown park so they could play a few minutes while he went on to the site. Here are some pictures of them playing- Julia is in her Sunday clothes but David just happened to bring some play clothes to change into this week...

Queen of the monkey bars!

There were no other children at the park this day-
it was just a little cool, but not uncomfortable.
that was a change for Oklahoma...

I always wished I could have an old
railroad car or caboose to play with
in my own yard!

climbing up to the top!
The windows and doors were all locked

These photos were taken with my phone...
glad I can capture the memories 

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  1. Loved these photos which captured the beauty of fall, and the wonderful adventurous spirit in your children!