Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cooking With Julia (my)Child- Episode 3

My two little children spent Thanksgiving week out at The Farm with their grandparents. Julia had said she wanted Grandmother to teach her to cook sometime. They must have done something together because- well, you will see later in this episode.

Hubby told Julia today, "Why don't you make me some oatmeal cookies?" A good project for a Saturday! She told me this time, "I want to do most of it myself!" I said, ok....We got everything out in preparation...
OOPS! There was not enough brown sugar for the recipe! The little sugar bear was practically alone!
If you don't know what this is, it is a little terra cotta bear,
useful to keep your brown sugar from getting clumps.
It's supposed to absorb any moisture in the sugar.

We told Daddy, "Not enough sugar to make the recipe!" He said he had to go in to Lowe's for some electrical fittings, so I decided to go in with him to buy some sugar so we could enjoy some homebaked cookies TONIGHT! I told Julia she could mix all the dry ingredients while we were gone, but not to add the liquids until I got back. "And go ahead and take your Saturday night bath while we're away?" (My mother is here with them so that's okay..)
This counter-top mixer is JUST LIKE the one my mother had when I was growing up. I found it at a thrift store in near-perfect condition. I have been wanting a Kitchenaid one, but had to get this for memory's sake.
Julia wanted to make sure that she did not miss any of the dry ingredients, so made a check-mark by each one! She does things very thoroughly...
We made it safely back from the stores, and Julia had taken her bath, so now she is in her robe with her freshly shampoo-ed hair down, ready to add the liquid ingredients! These eggs are from my husband's aunt, who raises banty chickens- free eggs for us, and organic eggs from free-range chickens at that!
This is when I found out that Julia and her grandmother must have done some cooking together, because Julia informed me, "Grandmother says, crack each egg separately in a bowl and add each egg one at a time to your mix, so you will be sure not to get any eggshells in!"   ( I knew fact I think I have told her that myself...LOL) 
Now we can turn on the electric mixer and get this cookie dough ready in a hurry!

My aunt's husband told us that when you use banty eggs in a recipe, you always double the amount that is called for since they are so small.
Look at that face of intense concentration!

Lastly, fold in the oatmeal and raisins by hand- makes a stiff dough for a little girl to handle! She allowed me to finish this part of the task.
Now to bring out the cookie sheet- 
the oven is preheated and ready

Putting the cookie dough on the cookie sheet is always fun
if you have a handy little gadget like this!

But this is the best part of all!-
getting to lick the beaters!
Even little brother gets to enjoy one...

Typical Girl! While the cookies are baking in the oven,
one MUST talk on one's cell phone!
Actually that's Mom's phone...
I had to call her several times when the timer went off to get her to come back to the kitchen to take the cookies out of the oven! "Get off that phone right now!"

Ok Mom- 
oooooo- this oven is HOT!

The cookies are pronounced a success! Of course- Julia had no doubt they would be delicious!

Little brother agrees, they are good!

Hope you enjoyed this episode of Cooking with Julia (my)Child ! Remember, as the real Julia Child said...

Stay tuned for our next episode...


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