Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cooking with Julia (my)Child- Episode 4

"I sure do love those Christmas cookies, Sugar..."

Julia takes a break! For today's post Little Brother David will take the stage! We are making things to put in the treat bags at Church this Sunday. This is David's first attempt at making cookies by himself (practically by himself anyway- I am right at his elbow)
Julia (my Child) is going to make sure 
that David is doing it right, also!
She's a little overseer
Wow! this recipe only makes about 30 cookies, 
but calls for 2 sticks of butter!
Gonna be rich...
climbing up to find the measuring cups-
Julia: "That's the wrong cabinet, David!"

David got to use my hand mixer-
and enjoyed using his man-muscles
to make the mixture mix!
The flour was added last.
OOPS! Just noticed now that he has the knife
upside down!
Can't make it level THAT way LOL!
Well actually, the M&Ms were added last!
They are making the packaging tougher
these days...notice his set lip!

A nice, colorful cookie dough to work with

Let's sit at the table to fill the cookie sheet...
notice our fireplace in the background...
After dropping the dough-balls, David will roll them by hand

and they're ready for the oven!

Julia makes another appearance-
SOME-body's got to lick the spatula!

All this intense effort makes a body thirsty!

Julia pronounces David's first attempt a success!
Good job, little brother!

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