Saturday, December 31, 2011

Episode 5 - The Continuing Saga

Welcome to Episode 5 of The Continuing Saga of OUR NEW LIFE.

Today is the last day of the year- 2011. So many changes in the space of one year- - due to prior priorities this program is slightly behind schedule...but we will try to bring you up to date now!

Chapter 1- Thanksgiving 2011
We had a very quiet Thanksgiving this year- just a few loved ones got to meet out at the Farm. While the menfolk went hoghunting, the ladies stayed indoors and put together a Thomas Kincaid puzzle.
My DIL Diana,
at the kitchen table with the puzzle beginnings
My daughter Julia,
trying out the new tea I brought to share

My dear MIL, Nina

Later in the evening, the children wanted to play Twister with their Daddy, and Diana called the positions

This is one game I cannot play! I'm too clumsy...

My son Ben sharpened knives in the meanwhile...
I've never seen him with this much facial hair!!!

Chapter 2
My mother came to live a while with us back in September- I had thought it would be a permanent thing, but she wanted to go back to her home in the South...We had her with us for 3 months. Right before Christmas, a longtime family friend passed away back in her hometown, and we decided to go to the funeral and at the same time fix her up back in her house. So she did not get to share Christmas with us...I sent her home some presents and some homemade goodies to enjoy. A longtime friend and her husband will stay with my mother until my oldest brother moves in to live with her. Also, my mother has some exceptional neighbors that have volunteered to look in on her...she lives in a very friendly little area. And my mother never meets a stranger!

Chapter 3
Christmas Eve 2011- back at the Farm with the whole Kelly clan- except my son Ben and his wife Diana, who went to Florida for a week to meet her parents that live in Peru! They were calling it their honeymoon also, since they did not get one when they got married a little over a year ago. 
Me and my Big Girl

and here with her Daddy

the dessert table

Julia helping herself to the fresh veggies...
it's a very crowded buffet-type line!
It takes 3 tables to seat everyone!
Here's the table of teenagers/young adults...
A wedding will be coming up soon!
Here on the end is Olivia, who is engaged to
my nephew Kelly Bock, in the plaid shirt

The youngest kids got relegated 
to the utility room to eat-
Andrea, Tamara, David, Sabrina, and Julia

My SIL Angela, busy with food prep

Julia with a baby calf that had fallen into a mud-puddle and couldn't get up. Grandpa brought it into the house to get it warmed up. Hopefully, the calf will survive

My niece Karissa and my daughter Alison

You never know what these menfolk will bring home when they go hunting! This is my nephew, Kyle, with a coyote he shot and was skinning. Aunt Irene had said she would pay any of the boys $50.00 for any coyote they could shoot. Kyle will take the skin back home to Louisiana where he hopes to sell it, also.

After our Christmas meal and before we opened presents, we all gathered together to sing Christmas carols. My BIL Brent, holding the book, led us all in several songs. My husband got up on a chair in the rear to see the music!

This was a just-for-fun gift I brought for Alison

My son David

My niece Tamara with Julia

Chapter 4
Christmas Day 2011- at home with our 2 little ones...Julia and David are exclaiming over a new computer game that she got- she is a big Nancy Drew game player.

here David is perched with his Daddy
and a modest pile of presents...

Chapter 5
Another year-end celebration! My husband and I have made it to our 27th Wedding Anniversary! No pictures taken to share, but we had a very nice dinner in Oklahoma City at an upscale restaurant, Charleston's. We did this a day early, to accomodate my husband's work...he had a particular job order scheduled for the exact date of our anniversary, and I didn't mind doing it this way. Actually, the job got cancelled, and Julia and I decided to do a Girls Day Out and went to Stillwater to have lunch and go shopping! Galen and David spent the day together also, running wells and eating out at Mazzio's pizza.
Julia and I experienced a mexican restaurant named Palomino's.
Here she is on the wooden bench outside the restaurant- she is a horse lover. The restaurant had a fountain inside, and many horsey things around. We shared a plate and she enjoyed it. I had told her I would take her wherever she wanted to go- within reason! She had been asking to have a Girls Day Out for a long time.

 This is actually the ceiling- 
I turned the picture a little.
It's a painting of two fighting cocks

Closing Note of Episode
The old year is swiftly ending! I spent the afternoon making cookies etc for the children to take to our neighbors to wish them a Happy New Year! Here they are, all set to spread good cheer...

So ends this Episode, and this year...May the new year 2012 find us all following the Prince of Peace, whose Advent we have just celebrated!

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  1. So enjoyed all the pictures! Looks like you all had many happy moments of togetherness, and busy-ness too! Ain't it great to be "friends" with our adult children? I love it.