Thursday, December 8, 2011

An Evening In December

Christmas party time is here! Tonight was our first Christmas party - graciously hosted by Sooner Hot Oil and Well Services at The Rusty Barrell Supper Club!

Great steaks...

And a great company!

We got home earlier than we usually do after a "function", and found Julia had made - ALL BY HERSELF - some chocolate chip cookes! (with pecans too!) Okay, little brother helped SOME, and Grandmama gave some advice, but only when it was asked for by our enterprising little cook! We were very proud of her, and she was justifiably proud of herself ! She crowed a little- "Maybe someday I'll be a famous cook, and I'll make cookies..."  She used our tried and true favorite recipe from Toll House...

Now to close out our Evening In December, the real thing- a song that's LOVELY LUSCIOUS. 


My enterprising little cook- 

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