Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Taste Sensation

Just this week I went in to our local small-town bookstore that has a coffee/tea bar, and picked up some new flavors of tea and hot cocoa to try! The tea I picked out was Cranberry Blood Orange, by The Republic of Tea.
I really, REALLY like this! I did not add any sugar before I tasted it, and to my great surprise and delight I found that it did not NEED any sugar added! Woohoo! This will definitely be in my "tea caddy" now!

I also found a gift box of Bellagio Gourmet Hot Cocoa mixes and decided to buy it to try the 3 flavors (there's 2 of each flavor, making 6 packets of cocoa). The ladies in my husband's family usually try to do a tea party at Christmas, and I thought these cocoa flavors would be something to introduce to everyone then, IF I liked them! 
That first evening, after I had bought my goodies, I tried the Holiday Spice cocoa- - it is a pretty strong spice-y flavor, but it is nice for a holiday treat. I wouldn't want it very often though- just for "the season".
Tonight after supper I opened one packet of White Chocolate cocoa- - it is a nice, creamy chocolate-y taste! Definitely one chocolate lovers will enjoy!
So, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we plan to go to The Farm, and there will only be about 4 of us ladies there this holiday, and I am down to 4 packages of cocoa! I know I said I was thinking of trying these out for Christmas, but since there will be so few of us tomorrow, I'm going to take what's left of my Collection and maybe we can have a Hot Cocoa Party! I haven't tried the Peppermint Truffle cocoa yet, so that will have to be the one I have on Thanksgiving! (even though this is decidedly a Christmas flavor)
Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good time with your loved ones! "Be thankful unto HIM, and bless HIS name" My friends, I am truly, TRULY thankful...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mouse In The House

Remember the story of The Flopsy Bunnies by Beatrix Potter? Benjamin Bunny's children fell asleep in Mr. MacGregor's garden and he caught them and tied them in a brown paper bag and went to put away his mowing machine. While he was gone, Thomasina Tittlemouse came along and nibbled a hole in the sack so they could escape. Ms Potter said, "Thomasina Tittlemouse was a resourceful person- she nibbled a hole in the bottom of the sack. The little rabbits were pulled out, and pinched to wake them..."

WELL!!! I do not like resourceful mice! I try to keep my flour etc in bins so no unwanted bugs or mice can get to them, but we recently had a  - resourceful - mouse in the tried to chew into a thick plastic container of self-rising flour inside my cabinet!

That's a little TOO resourceful for me! We got resourceful ourselves and finally caught it with a sticky-trap!
Have you noticed- mice in real life are never as "cute" as in the stories...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Latest Crafty Project

A recycle! In our old country home, over 10 years ago, I had in our master bedroom a lot of battenburg lace accessories- like a bedskirt, pillow shams, valance...I have had them in storage all this time and finally decided how to use some of them in our NEW country home.
Believe it or not, this window treatment is made from just my old bedskirt! I cut two sides of the bedskirt in half to make the panels, and then sewed them together with white entredeux that I had left over from my many christening gown projects.

The valance is what was left of the battenburg-edged piece of bedskirt.

I decided something was missing- maybe something like a sheer panel? I decided to order a full battenburg lace panel to finish up my window treatment- I did have a full lace valance to recycle. I just added the new panel to my old valance to get the proper length for this big window in our dining room. What do you think?!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday- Date Night!

What a treat! Went for a drive WAAAAYYYY out in the country to find a fabulous place to eat!

My husband had heard of this place in Burlington, OK that had "the best steak in the country" and wanted to surprise me- he told me to be ready to go out on a date Friday night, but did not tell me where we were going. It took us about an hour and a half to do the drive- but it was worth it! It's called The Vintage House, and it's an old house that has been fixed up on the inside to look Victorian- there are only 4 rooms to dine in and you must make reservations well in advance. I took my new camera, so some of the shots are not the greatest because I haven't got it all figured out yet, but they will give you an idea of what to expect from this little restaurant. FYI- I think the population of the whole town is less than 200 !
The Vintage House restaurant
Burlington, Oklahoma
I know you can't tell much from this photo,
but there is a HUGE old tree out front,
and these are old-time streetlights at the walkway

This is closer to the actual level of light that we experienced-
I just adjusted the other photos so you could see more details!

Cheesy potato soup topped with
bacon and snipped chives

...and here's the happy diners!
We'll give this restaurant as many stars as are possible! All the food was superb and the steaks luscious, but that means it wasn't cheap! This was probably the most expensive meal we've ever had in all our 27 years of marriage, including our honeymoon...but it does make for a romantic, special evening.

I found a video that features The Vintage House.You'll enjoy the little tour captured by the interviewer. It's in the post right below this one! You'll have to click on the link- do take the time! The name of the post is video.

 Video Video

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Basic Training Graduation

Back in October, my Big Girl and I went to San Antonio, TX for the graduation of a good friend from Air Force Basic Training.
Kody is the paleface out in front!

Here's the proud family and friends,
waiting for the Airmen's Run to start on Thursday morning

And there's the man of the hour,
in the very back, the tallest one of all!

a little later, in the stands...
waiting for the Presentation Ceremony to begin
we had an early continental breakfast at the motel, and I got really hungry before lunchtime rolled around. I got a pretzel with cheese sauce for "second breakfast" but it was SO SALTY...this picture is me with my daughter, and one of Kody's best friends, Josh- acting himself I guess HaHA...

At last! Here they come!
(Kody's in the rear, tallest one)

Kody was dorm leader of his flight
We were all proud of his fulfillment of this 
responsible position!

with Little Sister and Mom
Look how tight she is holding to his hand!
She would hardly let go of her big brother all the day long! You can tell they must really be close...after the Presentation of the Airman's coin, all the visitors got to go onto the field to congratulate the new Airmen/women- mom, dad, and little sister were all teary-eyed at seeing their loved one again after 8 weeks...

the coveted prize-
proof of surviving basic training!

After Thursday's ceremonies in the morning, the Airmen were free to travel around only on Base , with their family/friends. We decided to go to the bowling alley for lunch and to pass the afternoon. 
I have never bowled before in my entire life! I was content to watch everyone else...this provided an outlet for pent-up energy, and also for space to talk...Kody had lots to tell us all, as you can imagine!

"Here's how you stand at attention, Dad!"

Me with the Man Of The Hour

Friday morning we were up very early to go to the Graduation Field...and for all the early arriving, we could hardly find seats all together! Had to crawl up over people way up in the was a beautiful day-a little cloudy, not too hot or windy...perfect weather for an outdoor ceremony.
Proud Mom making sure to get some good shots!

In review past the stands...
this is my favorite memory, with all the flags in the background
And the Tall One stands out again!

Aren't telephoto lenses nice?

Immediately after the graduation, all the families in attendance were invited to tour the barracks with their Airman. Kody's mom was especially interested in seeing this. Some families arrived too late and were not given permission to enter- she was so happy she had not missed out! Kody had been in charge of his flight and told us all about the regulations etc that they had to live up to.
Line those boots up!!

Garments in the locker must be precisely separated...

Sign on the wall of one of the "classrooms"

Celebration lunch at Olive Garden
one of Kody's favorite restaurants.
An obliging waitress took this picture of our table.
Center of attention!

We wish you all the best, Kody!