Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fun- -ny Valentine

My blogging mechanism is behaving sluggishly lately. Can't seem to get in the mood to post! But here's a report of our Valentine's Day ForWhomItMayConcernAndInterest.

I woke up on the special day with a headache of all things. My dear hubby had left for work about 6:30am and came back later in the morning to bring me...a single long-stemmed red rose! Since we homeschool, the children were home. I called Julia into my bedroom to take my flower into the kitchen and "put it in some water please- I'll put it in a vase later." Well, later when I felt like rising and shining,  I went into the kitchen to find...

She had pulled the rose out of its wrapping backwards and all the petals fell off! Ohhh, she felt so bad about it-my husband told me later- that she ran into her bedroom, got into the bed, and pulled the covers up over her head and CRIED! He enjoyed going in to comfort and cuddle her and tell her it was ok...I was glad I took it well when I walked in to see what had happened. I was able to appreciate the humor of the situation and not be very disappointed. We told her it would make us a funny memory!

So I got a doily out and "arranged" a little centerpiece...

This is not the "vase" I would have chosen...this is an old glass bottle with one of those old zinc lids. I use it for a water bottle occasionally and Julia had seen it on the cabinet.

We decided to take the children out for lunch for a special treat for them, so we all met at Pizza Hut. I had made homemade valentines for them and Dear Hubby, so I brought those along for them to open after we ate the pizza buffet.

waiting for Dad to arrive...
we went from home and he came in from his route
to meet us

David's card said on the inside,
"Have a dino-mite Valentine's Day"
the chocolate hearts were taped on the dino's back

This is what I put together for Julia...

And here's my hubby's homemade card
With his card, I had a bag of the cheese crackers 
shaped like fish! instead of candy...

When we got home after our lunch outing, David could still throw snowballs at us- there was still plenty of snow left on the ground to make some pretty good ones.

We knew that in the evening it would be hard to get into a restaurant without a long wait, so we opted to stay home and celebrate just the two of us on some other day. Lo and behold, two days later our pastor and his wife wanted to come see us. We asked them for supper, and they brought a "valentine" for all of us- Brother Leslie made banana bread in a heart-shaped pan, and Sister Sylvia brought strawberries and whipped cream to serve with it!

I did a little splurging myself and bought a small package of tulips to replace my shattered rose! LOL I knew Sister Sylvia would enjoy the flowers. We have ALL been enjoying them- I think my husband and son like to see them as much as I do. Really, Julia hasn't mentioned them much...

AND I am finally getting back into my artwork! I have several projects to work on now. This makes me feel a lot better about myself. 

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  1. Sweet Julie-such a tender heart <3 It sounds like you had an awesome Valentine's Day :)