Friday, February 24, 2012

On My Worktable

I have not been painting too long- but I have  found out why some watercolor artists get more than one project going at a time! It's because you must wait for your paper to dry between adding colors, so you won't end up with mud. I have three new projects to work on now, plus reworking an older one- so at this moment in time I have two pictures on my worktable. Here's a sneak peek for you if you're interested! One is of my little boy, and one is of a little poinsettia plant I had at Christmas- I am thinking of putting together a little calendar and using the poinsettia in it.

I know you will not be able to read the paper on my table, but it is a compilation of things I learned at the art workshop I attended last year at Mitchell Tolle's Studio in Kentucky.  Some of the WORDS OF WISDOM are:

Allow yourself to fail!

God gives gifts to men to focus us.
-Bruce Wilkinson

Become a student of light.

Slow down in your execution!

Don't trust just what you see.
Remember it's not all what you see-
it's what you know.

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