Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Devotional- Inner Beauty

I'm reading in a little devotional from last year that I found in my stack o' stuff beside my recliner...I was very impressed with two entries about Sarah, Abraham's wife in the Bible. I hope you enjoy it...this type of thinking seems very foreign to women today, but I KNOW if you will try to follow this advice, you will find that it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!

"Inwardly, I cringe when I see a woman handling the flagger's job on road construction. There is such a disparity between the toughness she seems to exude and the gentle loveliness for which she was intended.

Modern feminism goes beyond equal worth; it assaults the Creator's design. What began as Rosie the Riveter has morphed into the ranks of the rebellious. Helping in wartime is noble, but many women today have gone on to challenge the very honor and beauty of traditional womanhood. Instead of delighting in manly strength, radical feminists want to outshine it. True femininity is a gentle vulnerability. The beauty of a woman, both of the body and soul, predisposes her to a certain delicacy. She is made for nurture, of children and of relationships. It is a role for which she is superbly suited. Her husband was designed to be her protector. Indeed a real woman learns to rely on the strength of the good men in her life, but first she learns to trust God. It was true with Sarah.  Throughout her marriage to Abraham, she found herself totally reliant on the power of Jehovah- in desert travels, in foreign harems, in heart-breaking infertility. For every situation, she found His provision was real, and in His strength, Sarah knew true fulfillment- in her womanhood and in her faith."

Human frailty is attractive when cloaked in God's strength.

"Beauty is attained through surrender.
The Bible says surrender to God is the foundation of authentic beauty. When a woman is surrendered to her Creator, her outward appearance matches and complements her inner attitude. Both are marked by a real loveliness.

We know from the creation account that women were created to be beautiful, to reflect the majesty of God from an earthly feminine perspective. Her delicate features and gentle spirit reveal the artistry of God and are meant to bring grace and delight to her husband, family, and a watching world.

As with any gift, beauty is best understood when defined by the Giver. Feminine beauty is not intended for selfish gratification or manipulation, but for His glory. He defines beauty by the inside. Any woman can wear something beautiful, but only those who reflect the Father can BE beautiful. A woman reflects Him as she models quiet grace, embraces her role, and respects the authority God has given for her protection.

God tells women to take their cues from Sarah. Her natural femininity was enhanced by her gentle and submissive spirit. She trusted God and respected her husband. It made her truly beautiful."

The above was written by Valorie A Quesenberry and appeared in 'Opening the Word', June 2011.

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