Monday, April 16, 2012

Springtime Southern Weekend

Here's a photo scrapbook of our weekend- my soon-to-be-a-bride daughter Alison, my lil girl Julia and I went to Louisiana for a quickie trip LATE Friday night and came back LATE Sunday night. We met the soon-to-be groom and did some shopping, photo taking, and eating with family!
Kody and Alison at Norton Art Gallery grounds

Sunday lunch with our family at Posado's
a table of 11 !!

eating the famous pie at Strawn's Eat Shop!

 a bright, BRIGHT sunshiny day!

Sunday at church, the electricity was off!! 
we had servicewith the doors and windows open! 
It was a lovely morning
and the smell of honeysuckle and bridal wreath 
was wonderful- coming in the open windows...
I taught Julia how to get the "honey"
out of the honeysuckle afterwards... FUN!!

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  1. So glad you all were with us. Always so good to see you again.