Saturday, November 10, 2012

To Paint A Strawberry

Here is a shoot of my worktable with my newest project- still a long ways from completion...

I was looking online for a good picture of a strawberry to paint, and stumbled on this photo of a strawberry with a teacup. I found this on Pinterest and tried to follow the thread to whoever created the original, but could not find the end. If YOU happen to know the "author" please let me know...I like to ask permission before painting from a picture someone else has taken.

This is certainly a "discipline"- I guess I am coming from a more "painterly" approach than a traditional "watercolorist" approach. I find the details fascinating but so very time-consuming! I am having to discipline myself to slow down in my execution. I know some watercolor experts don't go by this method, but this is the way I am working for now :)  I find myself wanting to hurry up and complete each project- I guess I came to this part of my life too advanced in age HAHAHA

This photograph really appeals to me because I have a rather large teacup collection. Most of mine have flowers though, and I liked the challenge of painting a solid color teacup.

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