Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Art Work

I just finished another handpainted birthday card...this time for my aunt who has a December birthday! My reference photo was one I got online, of either hot apple cider or cinnamon-apple tea.  I think my photo came from Pinterest...or maybe it was tumblr...

Here it is on my worktable, while it was still a "work in progress"

And here is the completed project!

If you follow me elsewhere online, you may notice that I had said in another post that this was for my pastor's wife...but my aunt's birthday came first, so I sent it on to her-family first you know! Now I will have to do something else for Sister Sylvia...I will probably use a copy of this teacup and alter it somehow with my photo- editing software. 

Warm wishes for YOUR happy December, also! 

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