Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I had a major Senior Moment! HaHa- I forgot to post some of the pictures from our Girls Day Out in my last Saga Episode. Julia and I found a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory that we both JUMPED at the chance to visit...I guess I can excuse my lapse because I took the pictures on my iphone instead of with my new camera, and when I uploaded from my camera to the computer, they weren't included in the batch. HOW COULD I FORGET THE CHOCOLATE?!!!

so many decisions!

Chocolate makes us happy!

Just look at this beautiful  display of 
carameled and candied apples...
But can we really believe the sign? (share...)
These apples were really HUGE

AND while I'm sharing sweet stuff pictures, I might as well show you the dessert I enjoyed when my husband and I celebrated our anniversary, at Charleston's...It  was a bread pudding! I love bread pudding-  since childhood...
I didn't want to overstuff myself at the restaurant, so after about 5 delicious mouthfuls I boxed the pudding up to take home and  enjoy later. Actually, it lasted about 3 dessert times at home! I'm telling you, the original serving was HUGE.

Have a Sweet New Year!