Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Episode 6- The Continuing Saga

Spring has sprang! or sprung... Spring is springing all over and my poor blog has gotten behind almost too far to catch up! I guess this Episode shall be called BITS AND PIECES...

Bits and Pieces

February was a month of birthdays! My dear Hubby reached the 50 year mark! We had all his family come for a surprise celebration at our house...

We took this family group with our children, 
the first one we've done since Diana and Ben got married.

Next up in the birthday boys and girls, both my daughter and son! Alison turned 21, and David turned 9.

Moving right along at a rapid pace - - - Julia was in the Junior Music Festival here in town and WON FIRST in her division!!! This puts her into the statewide Festival coming up in April in Bethany ! We were so excited that she won the blue ribbon!
First of all, each student had to play before a judge- family could also be present but this was not playing before an audience. I loved the way the light came through the stained glass windows in this church where the Festival was hosted. You can barely see Julia up front at the piano, to the left of the altar.

If the student got a Superior Plus rating from the judge, they got to go to the afternoon playoffs to try to win in their division.  Here we are all waiting for the ratings to be completed. Pretty nervous!

Julia DID get a Superior Plus rating, and we proceeded to the next location, after a quickie lunch, to see if she would win the playoff- AND SHE WON! We were happy and she could hardly believe the outcome! Here she is, proud winner of her division, and the other division winner is with her. I believe her piano teacher was not expecting this, either! Way to go, girl!

And now......

The final BIT, the bit that has me with no blogging time...

Alison got engaged March 3 !!!
Here's the ecstatic couple...Kody is in the Air Force and his superiors told him to do the wedding as quickly as possible, so we are Up To Our Ears in planning! Exciting, and probably going to be exhausting, but This Is OKAY! big smiles all around

I got Alison to try on my wedding dress...

It was a tight squeeze!

I don't think she wants a long veil

(My dress coming out of the package for the first time
in over 25 years...)

It's hard to realize I was once smaller than she is now!
I mean, we had to work to get the zipper closed!

So it doesn't really  fit and was not her style anyway...so there is the huge question of WHAT TO WEAR! Always a problem for females LOL. We gotta lotta shopping and planning ahead of us! I am so glad she is wanting my input and assistance. 
We got to go to Stillwater and she tried on several wedding gowns, looking for style and fit ideas. Julia was eager to go with us on this shopping trip.

Oh yes...in the middle of all this, a quick trip to The Farm to celebrate my mother-in-law's 75th birthday at the little one-room schoolhouse out in the country!

There was a whole herd of relatives there, but this is 
our little immediate circle

SO my dear readers, I am sure you will forgive my sporadic blogging posting in the near future, as I have good reason to be busy with OTHER THINGS!  

 One more photo of the soon-to-be wedded pair!