Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmastime's A-Comin'

The glad Christmastime is here again :)

I seem to have no time for blog posting now...but here is my latest photographic success. I just found this tea tin at TJMaxx and had to buy it for this saying. This was my motto for a while...I think I'm doing a little better at keeping calm :)   I have not tasted the tea yet...

This Christmas dinner napkin is from my mother's collection of table linens. She is living in a skilled care facility now and on one of my last trips to see her, I picked this out of her cabinet to bring home. There is a tablecloth and 10 matching napkins! Do you use nice linens at Christmastime? I would like to, but in this degenerate age (LOL) no one wants to iron them, including me... I have a lot of nice cloths but they just stay in the drawer...The red plate came from a thrift store! I bought the two that were available and plan to make a Christmas goodie basket for "someone" and include them in it, along with some hot chocolate, cookie biscuits, a cute snowman mug, and a candy-cane candle. 

We have snow!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer is Winding Down

So School is back in session, and the summer is coming to a close...I took some photos of our sunflowers this evening. Their heads are drooping and so is mine! LOL I am feeling like a grandma tonight, and at last I can really say this, as I became a grandma in May! I am happy for our little granddaughter that my son and his wife have brought into our world. I went to spend the night with them last week to give them a break at night, and OH MY I paid for that for quite a while after I got back home. That loss of sleep at night is for the YOUNG parents. The little lady is 3 months old now so we can all hope that she will begin to sleep all night soon. Hope. Her mommy found a little plaque that says, "you are my favorite reason to lose sleep at night."
Anyway, here are my droopy sunflowers. They are taller than I am.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Boy Toy

So...for Father's Day my husband wanted a Looftlighter! ever heard of that?
It's an electric lighter for your outdoor grill, etc... 

So we got him one and yesterday, "Father" got to use it at suppertime. 
Here he is, making the grill ready...
(in the background is his Dad's dozer, that he is in the process of repairing)

and here's the new toy!
just waitin' to be tried out...

stand back, Son! Let's see if this'll really work like they say it does!

charcoaled wood is beginning to smoke...
(In less than a minute!)

getting after it now...


flames coming along nicely...

and the steaks are on!

judging by his smile, the gift is a success!

Here's the scoop from the Looft Industries webpage: The Looftlighter is a Swedish patented invention that lights your charcoal grill or fireplace with super-heated air in 60 seconds without lighter fluid. It can also “fast-forward” your charcoal or briquettes and make it possible to start cooking in just a couple of minutes. http://www.looftlighter.com/ We ordered ours from the bbq guys website (bbqguys.com)

So, YES, the looftlighter does perform as stated! and YES, the steaks were delicious!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Goat Correction

Oops...I said in an earlier post that our goats are Nubians, but I think they are Alpine. Oh well...

Friday, May 31, 2013

Catch Up Time

Dear Blogger Friends-
I know, I know- I am way behind on updating this page. So to jump right in...
I am a grandma now! Our oldest son and his wife presented us a granddaughter in May! She has a head full of dark hair, and she has her mother's nose. LOL. So far that is all I can tell about her- but we look forward to seeing how she changes and grows.

I have finally framed the portrait I painted of my late father-in-law...

...and I have completed my first pencil portrait - it's of my nephew and his fiance' who are getting married in June. Here it is, framed also -

Ok- so maybe I am off the hook again for a while! We have thankfully missed out on every tornado that has come through our state this month- we are getting lots of rain, but are so glad that so far this year we are not having a drought as we have had for the last two years.

Oh! One last update... it has taken me one year and two months, but I have dropped 43 pounds!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Springtime again

So glad that the winter weather is mostly behind us! I love the springtime.

but OH NO! the weatherman is predicting freezing rain tonight! I hope our apple tree will not get all the flowers frozen again this year...it is in full bloom right now.

The treehouse is not completely finished yet, but the children are up in it this afternoon...we are planning to go to a Christian School Retreat next week and they are studying the words for the spelling bee up there!

Another new thing around our place, is GOATS! We just bought these Nubians, and a very few days later the little kid was born...

Also...here is the latest update about my artwork. I went to another watercolor workshop in Kentucky the first week of April, and here is my painting of my father-in-law, who passed away suddenly in October.

We were told at the workshop that we needed to practice drawing EVERY DAY...so here is one of the better things I've come up with just this past week...can you tell who this famous person is?!
The reason I am working on drawing faces of famous people, is to be able to demonstrate- for a potential client- my ability to capture a likeness. I do want to paint watercolor portraits someday for commission, but if in my portfolio I only have family members that I have painted, that will not fit this need. I have done some other drawings lately but I still need to hone my skill! Of course I don't really want to post the ones that are not my best :)  Although just for fun, on Facebook I did post one that was not too bad. 

So life goes! Ima be a grandma soon! In May is the big Day! Happy Spring Y'all!

oops! Correction- our goats are Alpine! I never can remember since we looked at several kinds before buying.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

February Art Update

To whom it may interest...Here is where I am on my deer painting...I am working on the right ear! LOL   Also I lifted a lot of the paint from the lower leaves- they just weren't suiting me. I find myself wishing I had not tried to do an autumn scene because green leaves would be much easier. :) But this will make me learn something hopefully...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Devotional for February - Shared

My husband receives the daily devotional from Joni and Friends...this one was published January 30, 2013 and I liked it so well I wanted to post it here on my blog.

Giving Grace
"Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, that it may give grace to those who hear." Ephesians 4:29 (NASB)

Before this day is done, an occasion will arise in your life that today's verse calls "the need of the moment." It will happen this way: God has someone in mind He wants to touch today. He has grace available for this person. At the same time, God is looking for another person to serve as His conduit. What does He do next: He crosses your paths. He puts the two of you together in a grocery check-out line, on a golf course, at choir rehearsal, in Chemistry class, in the parking lot or at the ATM booth.

What happens after that is up to you. You have before you a "need of the moment." You also have God who desires to give divine help. You can choose to side-step the moment and, thus, miss the opportunity, or you can give "such a word as is good for edification...that it may give grace to those who hear."

Every day you and I have a chance- many chances- to nudge people closer to the Lord. To be one more stepping stone in the many it will take to bring that person to Christ. You have a chance to extend the magnificent grace of God through what you say and do. You are a pipeline, an aqueduct through which He keeps meeting needs of the moment in the lives of others.

We can be in partnership with the Lord to reach those He has special designs on. Your encouragement becomes grace that is strengthening, enabling and empowering for others. This is the ministry God will call you to today.

Don't miss it. Sometime, before you lay your head on the pillow, someone will be positioned to directly benefit from your words. When the opportunity arises, don't forget to speak that word of grace.

Put me on alert, Lord. Thank You for using me as a conduit of Your love and care to someone else.

Joni and Friends

You can also listen to the radio spot by following this link:

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

National Hot Tea Month

How's your January going?

Celebrate National Hot Tea Month with me! My new tea love right now is from the Republic of Tea and is named Cranberry Blood Orange. It tastes great with crunchy cookies...
Hmmm...I did a blogpost about this flavor over a year ago! I really don't like to drink hot tea year-round, just in the cooler months...so I had forgotten I had already raved about this before. 

Speaking of a "blood orange" - just where are these available? I don't think I have ever seen one in the grocery stores in my corner of the world. 

So here above is a link with a little info about these hard-to-find oranges...according to this source, some may grow in California but most are grown in Mediterranean countries.

Here is a picture I found...

The link from Cooking Light calls this a "dessert" orange! Interesting...

Another personal note- in wintertime I crave oranges over apples...

Anyway, let's enjoy Hot Tea this month!

Monday, January 7, 2013

First Update of the New Year

Hello everyone! Happy New Year and hope all is going well with you...Here is where I am on my deer painting as of this minute...
I am making very slow progress but it is progress :)  I think I will change up the side where the leaves are penciled in and maybe do some cedar tree branches there- - I am so tired of painting these blackjack leaves. I am not happy with how they are turning out but I can not figure out exactly how to do them any better.