Tuesday, January 22, 2013

National Hot Tea Month

How's your January going?

Celebrate National Hot Tea Month with me! My new tea love right now is from the Republic of Tea and is named Cranberry Blood Orange. It tastes great with crunchy cookies...
Hmmm...I did a blogpost about this flavor over a year ago! I really don't like to drink hot tea year-round, just in the cooler months...so I had forgotten I had already raved about this before. 

Speaking of a "blood orange" - just where are these available? I don't think I have ever seen one in the grocery stores in my corner of the world. 

So here above is a link with a little info about these hard-to-find oranges...according to this source, some may grow in California but most are grown in Mediterranean countries.

Here is a picture I found...

The link from Cooking Light calls this a "dessert" orange! Interesting...

Another personal note- in wintertime I crave oranges over apples...

Anyway, let's enjoy Hot Tea this month!

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