Monday, April 22, 2013

Springtime again

So glad that the winter weather is mostly behind us! I love the springtime.

but OH NO! the weatherman is predicting freezing rain tonight! I hope our apple tree will not get all the flowers frozen again this is in full bloom right now.

The treehouse is not completely finished yet, but the children are up in it this afternoon...we are planning to go to a Christian School Retreat next week and they are studying the words for the spelling bee up there!

Another new thing around our place, is GOATS! We just bought these Nubians, and a very few days later the little kid was born... is the latest update about my artwork. I went to another watercolor workshop in Kentucky the first week of April, and here is my painting of my father-in-law, who passed away suddenly in October.

We were told at the workshop that we needed to practice drawing EVERY here is one of the better things I've come up with just this past week...can you tell who this famous person is?!
The reason I am working on drawing faces of famous people, is to be able to demonstrate- for a potential client- my ability to capture a likeness. I do want to paint watercolor portraits someday for commission, but if in my portfolio I only have family members that I have painted, that will not fit this need. I have done some other drawings lately but I still need to hone my skill! Of course I don't really want to post the ones that are not my best :)  Although just for fun, on Facebook I did post one that was not too bad. 

So life goes! Ima be a grandma soon! In May is the big Day! Happy Spring Y'all!

oops! Correction- our goats are Alpine! I never can remember since we looked at several kinds before buying.