Friday, May 31, 2013

Catch Up Time

Dear Blogger Friends-
I know, I know- I am way behind on updating this page. So to jump right in...
I am a grandma now! Our oldest son and his wife presented us a granddaughter in May! She has a head full of dark hair, and she has her mother's nose. LOL. So far that is all I can tell about her- but we look forward to seeing how she changes and grows.

I have finally framed the portrait I painted of my late father-in-law...

...and I have completed my first pencil portrait - it's of my nephew and his fiance' who are getting married in June. Here it is, framed also -

Ok- so maybe I am off the hook again for a while! We have thankfully missed out on every tornado that has come through our state this month- we are getting lots of rain, but are so glad that so far this year we are not having a drought as we have had for the last two years.

Oh! One last update... it has taken me one year and two months, but I have dropped 43 pounds!