Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer is Winding Down

So School is back in session, and the summer is coming to a close...I took some photos of our sunflowers this evening. Their heads are drooping and so is mine! LOL I am feeling like a grandma tonight, and at last I can really say this, as I became a grandma in May! I am happy for our little granddaughter that my son and his wife have brought into our world. I went to spend the night with them last week to give them a break at night, and OH MY I paid for that for quite a while after I got back home. That loss of sleep at night is for the YOUNG parents. The little lady is 3 months old now so we can all hope that she will begin to sleep all night soon. Hope. Her mommy found a little plaque that says, "you are my favorite reason to lose sleep at night."
Anyway, here are my droopy sunflowers. They are taller than I am.