Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmastime's A-Comin'

The glad Christmastime is here again :)

I seem to have no time for blog posting now...but here is my latest photographic success. I just found this tea tin at TJMaxx and had to buy it for this saying. This was my motto for a while...I think I'm doing a little better at keeping calm :)   I have not tasted the tea yet...

This Christmas dinner napkin is from my mother's collection of table linens. She is living in a skilled care facility now and on one of my last trips to see her, I picked this out of her cabinet to bring home. There is a tablecloth and 10 matching napkins! Do you use nice linens at Christmastime? I would like to, but in this degenerate age (LOL) no one wants to iron them, including me... I have a lot of nice cloths but they just stay in the drawer...The red plate came from a thrift store! I bought the two that were available and plan to make a Christmas goodie basket for "someone" and include them in it, along with some hot chocolate, cookie biscuits, a cute snowman mug, and a candy-cane candle. 

We have snow!!!