Friday, January 24, 2014

Antique Leaves

I like to browse antique/junk stores for old books, but usually I am on a time crunch and cannot leisurely peruse the shelves as I would like to. Recently I did have a free afternoon, and I took the children with me to the Blackwell Antique Mall to do just that! The kids like to look around at the cluttered shelves of things, and I got to prowl through all the books. But just on the first floor. I went upstairs after I had piled up several books to purchase, and found that The Upstairs will take a whole 'nother day! So I curbed my enthusiasm and went back to the ground floor before I could get buried in more old reading matter!

I found a real antique book that had an interesting title to me, since I am a "holiness" Christian. The title is White Robes: or Garments of Salvation.

Publishing date is 1883, and there is an inscription in the front dated August, 1888.

Imagine my surprise, while thumbing through the book after I brought it home, to find pressed between the "leaves" a dried 3-leaf clover!

I've read of other people finding flowers pressed in an old book, but this is the first time I have ever had this experience. Usually the only thing I ever find in a book is some kind of defacement. So this was a pleasant little surprise.

I have never heard of this author, and I can't say I wholeheartedly agree with every one of his lines of reasoning, but on the whole it was an interesting and helpful read. There is not much teaching about practical Holiness in our era. This subject is vital and important, and  merits any time spent in finding understanding on it. 

Actually, my purpose in this post is not to expound on a Bible doctrine...I just wanted to share the photos of my interesting "find."  You know, more and more, I treasure books and the printed page...

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  1. This is neat :) Pressed flowers/plants have something special about them....