Monday, June 23, 2014

Cooking With Julia(my)Child episode 6

Hello Summer!

Hello any readers! It's been a long time since my last post here...but we are all still alive and kickin'  LOL

We are getting ready for a lil vacation and dear hubby will have to be Home Alone. Since I am such a wonderful wife, I am trying to leave him with some good food so he won't have to totally survive on sandwiches while we are away. Dear Daughter is eager to cook, and  Dear Son wants to get his fingers in the dough also.

 Welcome to Episode 6 of Cooking With Julia (my) Child!

We were given for free a BIG bag of Canadian Bacon and the children don't really like it for sandwiches...I have been using English Muffins to prepare an Eggs Benedict type dish with the C.B. But then I got to thinking PIZZA and TEACHING JULIA to make homemade pizza, so this ended up being a good time to dive in. Julia enjoyed making the yeast dough and putting all the ingredients on top- she was inclined to spread the pizza sauce on S L O W L Y ......then while it was baking she fixed a lettuce and carrot salad to accompany our supper.

of course, all great cooks sample their creations...
(that's a carrot, not her tongue)
behold the finished product!
(Julia's comment on the taste:
"Something's missing..."
probably the pepperoni LOL)

David wanted to get involved also, so I let him cut up 5 white-fleshed peaches that I had just purchased to make a new dessert from a new cookbook! I recently purchased this huge, BEAUTIFUL cookbook at an antique/junque store for $5.oo     I actually just bought it for the wonderful pictures (smile) but I paged through it leisurely and found this recipe for Peach Clafoutis. What in the world is this? must be French. (this cookbook is called Healthy Gourmet)   the dish turns out to be a cross between a pudding and a cake. Sounded simple enough for an 11-year-old boy to put together! So David gets his share of the limelight on this post today.
Here is Little Brother, fixing to grease the pan with butter
OOpsie! got way too much on the old hand!
(that is his tongue, not a carrot)

One of the Cardinal Rules of cooking is,
Clean As You Go.
Good man!
(good time to do it, while the food is baking)
here is the finished
"Peach Clafoutis"
(pronounced kla-foo-TAY I think LOL)

Thanks one and all for joining us for
Cooking With Julia(my)Child!
(and her brother)

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