Friday, August 1, 2014

Penny Walk

Have you ever heard of a "Penny Walk" ?

The first and only time I had ever heard of this was through an older children's book...the girls in it would take a penny, flip it (heads or tails) and depending on the outcome, would turn corners accordingly, like right or left. I told my son about this some time ago and he has been wanting us to do this in town. Today both the children and I  got the chance...

We had to go in to take our dog to the vet for his yearly shots, so we decided to bring his leash along so he could go with us on our walk. We started at the Library.

When we got to the first intersection, David flipped the penny to see which way we would go.

We walked by City Hall and stopped to look in the fountain, where LOTS of pennies had been thrown in, and where David wanted to collect them but of course was restrained.

Through our various turnings we ended up walking one block in the historical housing section close to downtown.....

By this time, I had decided that we needed to call it good and take our dog back to the car for some A/C time and a drink of water. He's a housedog and not used to being out in the summer heat very long. (Also, poor mom had a raw blister on her heel) 

Our first Penny Walk really did not last long enough, but NEXT TIME we probably won't have the Pampered Pooch along, and mom will have on the proper shoes. I thought this was a cute and fun idea and was glad the kiddos wanted to do it with me.