Monday, November 30, 2015

Breakfast With Chef Dave

When I woke my son up this morning, he informed me, "Mom, I am going to cook breakfast for everyone today!" I think he is feeling the Holiday Spirit! Goodwill to all y'know....(since we homeschool, he was at leisure to do this)
He usually will not cook without his chef's hat on, but today I think he forgot all about it.
Looks like I'll get some bacon!

fixing toast...he gets regular bread,
I get Ezekiel bread!

He wanted background music...
so he had to drag out our turntable 
and the device that lets us hear it LOL

just about what you'd expect
a 12-year-old boy to enjoy as Christmas music!

looks fit to eat! 
I found this cute china at an antique mall...

and we'll close our peak into our kitchen
with this classic photo of...
Chef Dave!

Have a great day, everyone!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Progression of a Painting

Happy to have a finished a watercolor painting commissioned too long ago! LOL I thought someone might be interested to see how it changed  from start to finish. Thanks for looking!

Finished and signed!  

In reviewing the post, I see that some of the pictures are darker than others...oh well...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Shall I Find Faith?

On our travels through our county in Oklahoma, we often pass an old deserted church way out in the country. I have often wanted to stop and explore it and even take some photographs of it. Sunday afternoon we were not pressed for time and we decided to just stop and look around. The church is in a very decayed state and it is sort of sad to see...this little spot has often brought to mind the question Jesus asked while he was on earth, " Shall I find faith (when I return) ?" I had hoped that maybe I could make a painting of it, but really I don't think I shall. It actually is not that picturesque. But it was interesting!

This was the back side 

also in back
We guessed this was a storm shelter.
There was a pile of debris inside,
so we did NOT go down the stairs.

There were also two outhouses in the back,
on opposite sides of the church.
I guess one for women, and one for men.

Here is a view!
at least there was electricity at one time-
an old light fixture was dangling down.

The inside of the church was in sad shape

There is another old abandoned church in one of the small towns my husband drives through on his route has a bell tower. Hopefully I can go with him sometime and take pictures of it soon. (All these photos were taken with my cell phone)

On another note...please join in the National Day of Prayer for America on Thursday, May 7, 2015!