Monday, November 30, 2015

Breakfast With Chef Dave

When I woke my son up this morning, he informed me, "Mom, I am going to cook breakfast for everyone today!" I think he is feeling the Holiday Spirit! Goodwill to all y'know....(since we homeschool, he was at leisure to do this)
He usually will not cook without his chef's hat on, but today I think he forgot all about it.
Looks like I'll get some bacon!

fixing toast...he gets regular bread,
I get Ezekiel bread!

He wanted background music...
so he had to drag out our turntable 
and the device that lets us hear it LOL

just about what you'd expect
a 12-year-old boy to enjoy as Christmas music!

looks fit to eat! 
I found this cute china at an antique mall...

and we'll close our peak into our kitchen
with this classic photo of...
Chef Dave!

Have a great day, everyone!